14. February 2015

New Song “The Gael” airs out on Schottenradio

After the release of the last album “stories of life, love and loss” we have been focusing on spreading the word and playing a couple of gigs in England and Germany, so there was little news about new songs.

Not anymore!

Being friends for quite a long time, the guys teamed up with fellow musician and Bagpipe player Tam Stewart already at the album release, which was a blast and lifted the roof of the ”Dolphin” (check out the pics on the website- what a night..). After joining in on another gig, the guys thought about doing a song together, and the first one is done.
After a couple of sessions, “The Gael” has aired out for the very first time at our friends of “Schottenradio”, in a nice special show that has also featured Chris, Adam and Tam for a live chat. The response was great, with loads of messages floating into the station, asking for more!
“The Gael” is an instrumental cover of the well-known theme of the movie “The last of the Mohicans”, written by Dougie MacLean. Chris: “This has been one of my favorite tunes for quite a while, and chatting with Tam, he loved it very much as well, and has had already recorded a version of it! So things went on, we added our own style and we´re very proud of the outcome. We hope to continue to work with Tam, and hopefully he can be around for some gigs as well.”

The recording has another new element, as it is introducing the famous “Driftwood Onesie” for the first time!

For the moment, tune into “Schottenradio” to pick up the tune in their regular program. A huge thanks to Basil and every listener on Schottenradio!
We´re working to get a recording on the website as well, and maybe more, so stay tuned!

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11. February 2015


71 Chain will support THE MARTIN HARLEY BAND at the Talking Heads on 26th Feb. 2015. For tickets visit the Talking Heads website


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8. September 2014

Some Impressions Of Our Gigs In Germany

We had a fabulous time back in Germany again. Met good all friends and found some new. Had a couple of cracking gigs. And a great time at the lake …..
Here are some pics we like to share with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A big thank you to all our supporters and helping hands. Hope to be with you all again soon.

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10. August 2014

Sea Shepherd Video!

As you may know, the Band is very impressed by the work of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and payed its tribute to their people with the final song of the last album, “Sea Shepherd”.
So here´s a video to spread the word… enjoy!
(Thanks to Sea shepherd for the great pics!)

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10. August 2014

Sea Shepherd Video!

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