1. May 2017

Back From Germany !

Here are some impressions of our gigs in Germany 🙂

A big THANK YOU to Gleis 3, Meerbusch and Charivari, Bochum to let us play and to all the fans we met (especially Andrea and Joerg – we love you) and to everybody who made this a very special trip for us.

For the first time ever we streamed live from a gig via Facebook!
Check it out !!!


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8. November 2015

Summertime at Henry´s

Hi Folks,
summer´s gone, everybody prepares to get along during winter, so this is a good time to remember the good things that have happened when days were long and warm… sort of…
One of the good things of this year definitely has been returning to Henry´s Little Big Gig at Lizard Point. As most of you know, we love the places, the crowds and the vibes down there.
As the weather gods decided to give us a warm, sunny weekend, this was the place to be in September!
The gig went very well, and the crowd gave us a warm welcome and a very good time.
A big thank you to everybody of Henry´s team who have done great… once again.
Here´s a slideshow to give you some impressions of this great weekend:

We are working on some videos as well to show you some new versions of well-known songs..
So stay tuned!
71 Chain

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8. September 2014

Some Impressions Of Our Gigs In Germany

We had a fabulous time back in Germany again. Met good all friends and found some new. Had a couple of cracking gigs. And a great time at the lake …..
Here are some pics we like to share with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A big thank you to all our supporters and helping hands. Hope to be with you all again soon.

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10. August 2014

Sea Shepherd Video!

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28. June 2014

71 Chain acoustic – We Believe

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