We are 71 Chain


71 Chain has been founded by Chris Lappage and Adam Bowden in 2010. After both left their former band Coast to pursue their own musical direction, they teamed up with drummer Brian Spark for their first gigs. Soon after this they added Ryan Stevens on guitars, adding more depth in their musical performance. Things went well, and in September 2011, their first album “Your gonna miss me when I´m gone” has been released with wide recognization.

As this song has been featured on radio stations and Internet a lot, the band decided to shoot a video of “The ballad of Charlie Bronson”, which found a big audience.

In the beginning of 2012, drummer Brian Spark decided to leave the band. By luck, their former bandmate Mark “Mongo” Mongan left Coast some time before, and was happy to team up with his friends Chris and Adam again, adding his relentlessly powerful drum skills to their music.    

The band focused on gigs and summer shows, playing festivals like the locally famous “4 Horseshoes Festival”, the “Bognor Rox Festival” , the “Wickham Festival”, and in September, at “Henrys Little Big Gig” at Lizard Point, Cornwall.

In 2013, the band mainly focused on writing new songs for their second album, but hit the stages too, playing festivals and their own gigs, and received some well- deserved radio play as well, being featured on radio stations like the German based stations of “Schottenradio”, Radio Paranoid”, Radio Rockcorner”, and UK Stations like “Lionheart Radio” and “Radio Caroline”.

The band´s first album received some stunningly great reviews as well by “Radio RocknBlues” and “Rocktimes” music magazine.

The summer of 2013 saw their first full set gig in Germany as well, as the band has been invited to headline the “Schottenradio” summer party, and later in the year, at the “Zoeppkesmarkt” city festival in Solingen.

By then, it became a long known certainty that Ryan Stevens could not keep up with his duties, as he was bound to Liverpool University. To pick up the regular guitar works alongside Chris, Paul Meech has joined the band to add his own personality, style and skills to the band.

Continuing their journey, the band will release their second album “Stories of Life, Love and Loss” in May 2014, taking them on a new level.