24. November 2013

Reviews of “You´re gonna miss me when I´m gone”

Musicians in general love their work to be enjoyed by audiences, and so do we. But it is always good to see that parts of the music business enjoy our work too.

In this year we had a lot of positive response from independent radio stations which are playing our music quite frequently. You can find a list of these stations on our website, so be sure to check them out!

On the other hand we are proud to have our first album reviewed by one german radio station and by a german music magazine. They liked it!

Here are some parts of the translated text:

” some time ago a CD fluttered on my table directly from Southampton in the beautiful south of England. The talk is of the album “Youre gonna miss me when I´m gone” from the heavy blues quartet 71 Chain. 71 who? A band that (still) no one knows.. ” it says on the blurb. ..

Rory Gallagher and Led Zeppelin are named as the musicians main influences, and you may also see a certain proximity to Gary Moore. The present work begins with “Shadows”, for this I can very well live with these associations. Really meaty Rock, following a cool hook, the quartet introduces itself. It is very much allowed to contuinue like this.

The guitar work of Lappage and Stevens, stands unobtrusively in the foreground, which could be foreseen by their role models. the rhythm section, consisting of Adam Bowden (Bass) and “Mongo” Mongan (drums) also drives relentlessly forward as unobtrusive, and all over this carpet of sound booms the voice of Chris Lappage. Well, roar may not be as quite accurate, but it has a certain raw intensity that pleases me very well (see “The last Grain Race”). But the second song, called “the Wreckers”, is perfectly in line ‘1 and knocks me off my feet. Here they rock in endless jam mode, it is a real pleasure. A piece that could expand on the loose on stage for 20 minutes and put the audience in bright extasy.

It continues more restrained. “We Believe” ripples shallow then, as the waves on the shores of the solent, and shows the gentle qualities of the band. But after that they increase the tempo and bring this blend of Blues, Rock and Folk to the crowd, sometimes with acoustic sets, and sometimes more up tempo range. …

In a similar Style, such as further dicussed above, sometimes rocking (“Coulda had Religion”), sometimes a little more subdued (title track, nice slide deposits), it goes on until we reach “71Chains” atNo. 11 on this beautiful disc, and thus the bouncer. ..  Here we would like to once again stand on the shores of the Solent and look longingly across the water to the Isle of Wight.

“A Band that (still) no one knows…? Somebody should work on that urgently, because the four guys from Southampton earn a much higher level of awareness. With their debut, they have given a very solid card and the title of “you´re gonna miss me when I´m gone”, one must take literally in this context.

Come to Germany, Guys!”


For those who like the original text (German), here´s the link:



Thank you very much, Rocktimes! We hope to be back in Germany soon!




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9. September 2013

71 Chain “I Stayed a While” live at Zoeppkesmarkt, Solingen/Germany

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30. April 2013

71 Chain – “”Heating The Dust”

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22. October 2012

71 Chain Let´s-beat-cancer with Southampton Charity Gig

Most of our messages to you are joyous and full of good times, but unfortunately we have to add some sad news to this column.

As some of you may know, our dear Friend and Adams lovely wife Amanda was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the summer. Needless to say that all of us are stunned, as she has been a big part of the whole band´s history from the very start, and a good friend an companion throughout all gigs, travels, and good times.

She is in Hospital undergoing treatment in the moment, and we sincerely hope that she will be on the road to recovery very soon.

One of the hardest things facing this disease is being so helpless and relying totally on nurses, doctors and hospital staff who work tirelessly. we truly love Amanda and Adam for keeping up the good spirit.

Naturally, when asked to play at a local charity event, the guys jumped at the chance, and will take part in this years Charity fun day on October 27 at the Mountbatten Pub, Lordshill, Southampton! The band are doing this gig despite having another gig in the evening at the Dolphin in St. Denys, so if you are in a bit of a travelling mood, you have the chance to see two 71 Chain gigs on one day!

An of course, 71 Chain would like to dedicate these gigs to our lovely Amanda, and raise money for this very important charity.

Please also visit www.lets-beat-cancer.co.uk for more information.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at these gigs, and please be generous, as any money donated can help to save lives. Thank you very much!

And to Amanda, we send our Love, and get well wishes, for a speedy recovery.


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7. July 2012

German Invasion at the Four Horseshoes Festival

Most of you know that 71 Chain have some dear friends not only in the UK, but also in Denmark and Germany.

575690_484249584925324_1628943687_nThese people love to travel, and as they came to know about the Four Horseshoes Festival in Nursling, Southampton on June 16, 2012, a German Invasion was planned…

Almost all of our german friends decided to join us, some only for the Weekend, some as a start to their annual holidays leading them to the South of England.

So far so good, but then… what did the weather gods have in mind for us?

After some unsettled days it became quite obvious that we will face some rain, at least, which we dealt with, but then heavy winds were predicted the day before, which led to some difficult decisions. The stages had inflatable roofs, and could not be erected on Friday before the Festival due to 40 mile winds, which were forecasted to be exceeded during the festival. Suddenly, we found ourselves at the edge of cancellation.

A solution had to be found, and it came by Harris Transport of Totton. George, a wonderful lad, was on site within half an hour with a Trailer, which could be used as a stage by opening the side curtain, and we were back on track.

Thank you very much, Harris Transport, you saved our day!

So the day of the festival came, and showed us… Sunshine! Yay! well, to be honest, it did not last too long, but was as not as bad as predicted. Everybody was in a good mood, and the music was fantastic. 71 Chain performed on the main stage, and our own Ryan Stevens did a very good solo stint on the acoustic stage in the beer tent, followed up later on by Chris along with Al Stone as “the good News” Acoustic Duo.

So everybody had a good time, lots of good music, food and real ales, so who cares about a few Showers?

A big Thanks goes out to everybody who participated in the festival and made it another unforgettable experience!!

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