26. April 2012

71 Chain – “Gilded Roses”

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3. March 2012

“Grain Race” found its way into a classroom

moshulu02tOne of the best liked tracks on the first album, “The last Grain race” is inspired by the novel of the same name by Eric Newby, displaying life on a square-rigged sailing ship in the last century.

In February, the band received a message from a dan Sharman, saying that he had stumbled over the song and the video, and used it in his class studies. As this does not happen every day, we asked for further information, and found out he happens to be a school teacher fom the United States!

Daniel Sharman, teacher of Carder Elementary school in Corning, New York, was discussing the Panama canal with his 5th grade students, and the dangers of crossing Cape Horn. On Internet research the class found the video of the “Grain Race”, and loved the song.

The class drew up comparisons between Panama and the Suez canal, and their uses. They used “Moshulu”, the featured sailing ship in the song, as research and followed its route from Belfast to Port Victoria on maps, discussing the hard and dangerous crossing round Cape Horn, and life onboard a ship under sail.

Daniel and his class now hope to go on a field trip to Philadelphia and visit “Moshulu”, which is now used as a restaurant ship.

And by the way, they found out more about 71 Chain and their music, which they like very much! They now have received lyrics and chords of the song, as they plan to cover the song in class too!

As you can imagine, the band is thrilled! Things like this don´t happen very often, expecially acroos an ocean, and to be featured in children´s education as musicians is just great.

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21. November 2011

71 Chain ” The Ballad of Charlie Bronson”

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30. September 2011

71 Chain – “The Last Grain Race”

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30. September 2011

CD Release Party 2011 !! :-)

we want to do it again 🙂


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